The Nephilim are the combined non angelic races of Armistice, said to have been made in the imperfect image of Angels indeed this maybe reality given most angels appearances. There are two principle creation myths one that the world was populated by humans The known races so far are:

Human: The most diverse race but not the most widespread despite their adaptability, they come in many skin and hair tones and sport the most diverse names.

Elves: The elves are considered the most angelic of the Nephilim and are the most long lived though most elves living past 100 during angelic control were taken away for mysterious reasons though rumors exist this was to make new angels. Many elves face prejudice for their resemblence to angels though much less so then the universially mistrusted asimar, but they are admired for their beauty and intelligence.

Half-Elves: Not so much a seperate race as a byproduct of the strange properties of elven reproduction. While most relations between difference races of those possible (Tengu and Lizardmen the acceptions) lead to offspring of the same race as one of the parents (most often the Mother) relations with elves produce offspring with traits of both parents leading to the unique situation of half-elves. Sometimes descriminated against or sought for “unique” experiments they are none the less considered unique individuals with special talents.

Orcs: If orcs are indeed related to angels they were the least loved, some say they spawned from savager angels who where shunned and eventually killed by their brethren. What ever the case they were forced into what amounted to slavery by the angels until they along with the goblinoid races Rebelled. Orcs were the race most damaged by the Angelic Control with most of the full blooded orcs wiped out in the Purging due to their Rebellion against the angels along with the so called goblinoid races.
Half-Orcs: Though some are the product of human orc relations most half-orcs are the result of a unique eugenics program to breed aggression of orcs by the angels and were introduced into the world out of hiding after the Purging of most full-blooded orcs. The youngest race many half-orcs feel alienated and out of place even after 50 years. They have a unique relationship with the surviving orcs who both revile them while being grateful that they will atleast allow orcs to continue in some manner as a race.

Bug-Bears: Once a noble proud race of woodmen, hunters and miners they were forever changed by the purging. The leaders of the rebellion those few that survived were forever scarred by the results of the rebellion they felt responsible for. Now sad remnants they alternate between sanity and madness acting one day close to the honorable guardians they were others as dangerous almost feral savages. Many were shipped to the Outlands so the Angels could hid their shame and exist now as both bogymen and unseen protectors.

Goblins: The race that most survived the purging partly due to cowardice, those goblins that survived have changed from what they once were. Many have sought to make up for their shame or that of their parents by striving to be braver and nobler often to an interesting effect, (ironic given it was the crazy or “brave” goblins that died). For every almost stereotypical goblin thief or mad alchemist is a noble cavalier or paladin fighting for reason and truth.

Halflings: Also called Stouts are the most culturally distinct of the Nephilim while the other races lived among on another for many years during angelic control Halflings were relegated by the angels to a small island of the mainland among sprawling plains and deep forests they called Teina (little brother in their tongue) for reasons unknown. Now allowed to live among the other races some halflings have become adventurous despite their upbringing and chosen to roam the world. Many have proven to be adapt at running towns and guilds and have been embraced as capable managers despite their intial isolation.

Dwarves and gnomes: Once a single race dwarves and gnomes have drifted apart. In days long past when the Nephilim were first created it was the dwarves who were chosen to safeguard against the darkness under the ground and when the Nephilim sinned against the gods it was the Dwarves who were formost forced to battle the so called “demons”. At first loyal the dwarves began to doubt the reasons for the war and a group among them rebelled and retreated underground with the angels distracted with war. When the war was done and the angels victorious a great and terrible darkness was given to the rebellious dwarves and so time later they came back changed. Smaller thinner with wide eyes and strange hair they never spoke of what they had seen. The Dwarves are mixed with pity and anger at the gnomes while gnomes feel seperated from their brothers knowing they are torn apart by what the Gnomes witnessed. The experience made the dwarves more dour and cautious while it turned the gnomes wild and strange.

Tengu: The Tengu or Winged-ones: Were once thought to be low angels and perhaps they are casts off from a heaven that for some reason hated their animalism. Regardless the Tengu are a strange race confined to the wilds by the angels they grew up apart from “civilisations” and struggled even more so than the isolated halflings to fit in. The forced integration after the Purge led to many tengu forced into thievery or to use of their masterful swordskills for less than savoury purposes. However with the angels gone some among them have led a charge to bring their race back to nature and wholeness a quest that continues to this day.

Lizardfolk: The lizardfolk were the first created among the Nephilim most suited to the new planet so the stories go. Some stories also say (mostly the ones Lizardfolk tell) that the angels jealous of their ability to live under the sea cursed them into their scaly forms and forced them to the land. Others say the lizardfold were made in the image of strange angels known as dragons. However true these stories it is true that the lizardfolk took to the land and seem to share a special bond to the other Nephilim. Many see themselves as older brothers or sisters to the other races no matter their age. Many credit the lizardfolk for keep the Nephilim together through the many rebellions and crisises a role they continue with today with an unproportionate number of them in positions of authority.

Kobolds: Also called half-lizards the origins of these reptilian creatures is relatively unknown, some say that these creatures were once proud lizardfolk before jealous Angels forced them into slavery underground, others say that they and lizardfolk were perhapes the first to live on their planet before the angels arrived, many kobolds themselves tell tales of them being the spawn of great creatures known as dragons (which some scholars theorize as a type of angel) who dwelled beneath the ground. Whatever the case it was only after the rebellion that these creature began to leave their warrens. Though originally suspicious and fearful of the other Nephilim they have being welcomed by the lizardfolk to live among them and embrace their freedom and reap the benefits of the age of reason.


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