History of Armistic

An Excerpt from ALexander Gregories Laymans Seminal Guide to the History of the Known world: The Neutral Edition

Some Thousands of years ago the world of Armistice came to be, on this point Scientists and Theologists can atleast agree, how exactly is subject to debate. This began

Age of Creation/Age of evolution: Once the world was formed life began to appear how long this took, how it occured and why are up to debate. What is known is that the greastest of life (editor note: from there perspective) were the angels who dwelled in the great Watchtower with their “God” on the God Mount at the supposed center of the world. The “lesser races” the Nephilim dwelled on separate and disperate islands in relative savagery. Little is known of this period though some relics remain in the Outerlands. Many hundreds of years passed till:

The Age of Sin: At some point it seems the Angel’s God left The Watchtower, the Angels blamed their “Gods” departure (some say death) on the sins of the Nephilim and their supposide devil whorship. What these devils are is unclear study of Sin Age Architecture and Artifacts reveals whorship of strange powerful creatures. Some say these were the first Fallen Angels who chose to live among and aid the Nephilim and died for it, others say these were true devils from beneath the ground terrible ungodly creatures. No matter the case a great war began between the Angels and these “Devils” and their minions and many texts speak of a great evil rising from the ground. It was during this war that some of the dwarves defenders of the underground rebelled and for their rebellion were transformed into gnomes. In the end with much bloodshed the Angels were victorious the “Devils” were vanquished some say for good along with their spawn and minions. The Angels then brought the surviving Nephilim to the Land Surrounding God’s Mount and created towns for them to live in under Angelic Authority. The Angels also create the Star Dome a great magic field over the land to keep out what they called outside threats.

The Age of Control: Thus began hundreds of years of angelic control as long as many would remember. In the beginning things were simple organized and structured. People were assigned to work based on their skills, organized farming led to just enough food for all while simple crafts people ensured other basic needs were met. However as time passed the angels soon began to grow more decadent and began to feel they deserved better treatment and rewards for the great work they were doing. It started slowly as angels began to take spouses male and female who began to receive special treatment along with their children. The head angels began to give control of certain regions over to themselves and other angels to rule and impose their own laws for the first counties and towns. Angels began to demand more of the Nephilims food for themselves instead of eating their normal meals of mana at magically created filling but bland bread which was given to the Nephilim instead. Less favoured Nephilim began to be forced into conditions worse then slavery forced to build angelic monuments. The progression into decadence led to some angels rebelling against their brethren becoming Fallen Angels their features twisted they formed isolated communities of free Nephilim hidden by magic and led to the other angelic towns becoming more warlike with frequent skirmishes. It is about this time strange creatures began to appear in the wilderness seen by many as a sign of growing sin. All this culminated in the dawning of the age of Rebellion.

THe Age of Rebellion: Of all the Nephilim it was the orcs and goblinoids treated the worse descriminated due to their lack of “beauty” they were forced to do the worst jobs

History of Armistic

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