Welcome to the Society of Scientific Surveyors my second attempt at a cool campaign world fun full guns, madmen, strange creatures from beyond and most importantly science.

Players are new members of the titular SOSS a group which sends members on expeditions to far off islands in the Outlands at the behest of the Scientists Guild. They have joined a new expedition to the newly formed colony of Dark River on the The Yellow Isle in search of adventure, scientific discovery and profit. They are to to perform jobs for people of Dark River (primarily the Scientist Guild) explore the region and uphold reason, justice and the right to get paid for an honest service rendered. What could Possibily go wrong in uncharted wilderness far from civilisation at mercy of strange wild animals, crazed cultists and incomprehensible terrors from beyond? Actually quite a bit.

This wiki is filled with general information about the world of Armistice and its denizens complete knowledge isn’t needed but it is filled with information your characters would know or easily be able to find out. It is written in rather haphazard style to get information across in the best way possible, I hope you Enjoy.

The Society Of Scientific Surveyors